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Terms of Service/Policies for UpSignDown Clients


Services and Conditions of Use and pricing

Clients referred by, using the UpSignDown Cloud service accessed from within their website design and hosting, have option to pay design fees up front [currently $350], with a small hosting fee per month [currently $8.50], or we offer a pay as you go fee [currently $29.99/month], which requires a minimum 1 year committment. Cancellation of services during the initial year is acceptable, but you will incur a charge for the remainig months.

first billed/paid month of service at 29.99/month is November and service is cancelled in June of the following year... you are resposible for payments for June, July, August, September, October each at $29.99.
* the paid in full design plan customers are not required to retain our hosting for any amount of time.



If at any time you no longer agree to the TOS/policies, you may request account termination by writing to , or fax to 866.835.1259 *cancellation fees may apply.

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